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Food and Drink

From Portugal to France, from France to Sweden and from Sweden to Portugal, this is the path of two brothers who, in 1989, came to the Algarve and the warmth of the Vilamoura Marina eager to give light to the project for a restaurant, having Akvavit by name, a very popular drink just in Sweden. A project which took place in summer 1990.

A restaurant that offered, and offers a huge variety of dishes of Swedish cuisine - such as Royal Akvavit, a mix of Nordic specialties where the flavors are discovered in Baltic herring, salmon homemade recipe, smoked salmon, soup Fish stylish Marstrand, symbol of the traditional cuisine, the meatballs, with your typical sweet, fried Camembert with blueberries of Lapland, the fantastic creamy chocolate cake, steak Rydberg, the Skagen toast, golden fillets of sole with egg sauce and dill - etc. etc.. etc..