Vilamoura nightlife

Vilamoura night life, highlights nightlife in Vilamoura and Vilamoura Marina area. Vilamoura has a Buzzing summer nightlife scene and is a great place to spend your holiday

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Something for everyone!

Vilamoura has a multitude of options to suit every taste from small coffeeshops throught to buzzing open air summer nightclubs.

Nightlife changes with every season with the Marina generally being the centre point of everything. The marina itself offers many options and indeed everything you need. It is worth also exploring the areas behind the marina as you can often find some hidden gems and the prices are a little lower. 

Some suggestions:

SPORTS BAR Vilamoura

The Hole In One on Vilamoura marina is by far the best Sports bar in Vilamoura at the very heart of the Algarve. Also famous as the Karaoke King of Vilamoura the Hole In One is a place you need to visit.

Situated ideally in Vilamoura Marina with a cool air-conditioned bar area and a sunny cocktail deck overlooking the marina the Hole in One has built a reputation for two things;

  • As The Top Sports Bar in Vilamoura
  • As The Top Karaoke Venue in Vilamoura

"Sports Heaven Since 2007"

"Vilamoura has a busy seasonal nightlife and offers a host of options for entertainment but when traveling or on holiday here Sports and Karaoke are always king as can be seen on a busy Saturday afternoon where the Hole in One can comfortably show 6 or 7 premiership football games at the same time, one thing that makes the Hole in One the top venues to cheer on your team.  As a sports bar in Vilamoura the Hole In One proudly shows all premiership football, international football, six nations rugby, world cup football and rugby along with golf and pretty much any other sport that your heart desires.  If the game that you want to watch isnt on the board just ask one of the friendly staff and I am sure they will be able to find it for you."

"Its Game On at the Hole In One"

Whilst a Saturday afternoon can be productively spent watching the football and rugby the Hole in one then transforms in the evening to a Karaoke hotspot and offers a great atmosphere for you all to sing along to your favourite tunes. Karaoke and sports have been a winning combination here for more than 10 years and indeed it is the very foundation on which the Hole in One is built.

Outside the bar and overlooking the award winning Vilamoura Marina is the cocktail deck where you can kick back relax and soak up the sun whilst sampling one of their signature cocktails before plucking up courage to hit the Karaoke!

The Hole in One Bar Vilamoura has long been a favourite destination bar for stag, hen and golf groups alike as they celebrate life and take advantage of the many screens for the sports or karaoke, the bar can get very busy in season and is guaranteed to be a great night out for you.

As a sports bar the Hole in One has a reputation to keep and they pride themselves on being the venue for sports in Vilamoura. "If the game is on, it’s definitely on at the Hole in One!"

The Hole In One Sports Bar is located on the west side of the marina and if arriving by taxi the best pick up and drop off point is Vilamarina, all the taxi drivers know it. Just walk down the steps and the Hole in One Sports Bar is on the right side just in front of you.


"A great "locals" bar, staff are friendly and happy hour is even friendlier!" open from 5.00pm daily with happy hour until 8.30pm. Located just across from the Jaffers supermarket, behind the Marina.


"This Irish owned, Irish Pub offers pure entertainment from the lively staff to the live bands, Simply one of the best places to be in the Marina!"

The Brewery 

"The Brewery is newly opened on the Marina and already a landmark! Great pub food and designed with attention to detail through out, The Brewery will without doubt be on your list of places to visit"


The Nineteenth Hole

Offering some of the best live music in the Algarve and Karaoke with the famous "Si Frater" from the Kissfm Breakfast show, The Nineteenth Hole continues to be one of the best places to party.


Korpus Gentlemans Club is a tasteful "late bar" popular with golfers for many years with live shows in an exclusive environment.